June 28, 2012

A Tragedy of a Pin

Mr F. Price held an inquiry yesterday respecting the death of Elizabeth Ann Rider, of 150, Stockport Road, Levenshulme, a mantle braider.  About four o' clock on Saturday afternoon the deceased went upstairs, and when near the top she missed her footing and fell to the bottom.  She called out, "Oh, my head, my poor head," and her brother-in-law, on examining her, found that the fall had caused a hairpin to penetrate her skull.  This caused death.  (Yorkshire Evening Post, October 25th, 1893)


  1. Women's fashion really was rather hazardous back then. I'm so glad I only have to worry about breaking my ankle in stilettos and loosing lower leg circulation because of wearing exceptionally tight jeans in today's advanced age :-p

  2. Deceased people should never run up stairs

  3. ...a hairpin? Must have been incredibly long and sharp...and sturdy....to get all the way through her skull and presumably to the brain.