June 17, 2012

A Batley Boy's Death

Distressing Discovery by the Lad's Father.
    A sad accident occurred at Batley, last night.  Charles Craven, aged 15 years, son of John Craven, logwood grinder, Whitaker Square, Batley, assisted his father, who is employed at Providence Dye Works.
    As the elder Craven was leaving the boiler-house he heard a noise in the logwood grinding place, as if some hard substance had got into the cog wheels of the machinery.  On examination he found that it was the body of his own son.  The lad's head was practically severed from the body, which was badly mutilated.
    It is surmised that the youth was grinding his pocket knife when his clothing was caught in the cog wheels.  (Yorkshire Evening Post, December, 1905)

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