June 24, 2012

A Boy Killed

An inquest was held at the Spread Eagle Inn, Darlington, on Tuesday, before Mr. Taylor, coroner, on the body of John Mann.  The deceased was about twelve years of age, and was the son of Mr. John Mann, gardener, Darlington.  He was employed on the farm of Thomas Taylor, and on Monday afternoon he was driving a manure cart through the fold doors.  While doing this he was accidentally caught by one of the wheels, which went over his back, and twisted his body round a post.  He was killed on the spot, and the verdict was to the effect that the death had been accidental.  (Leeds Intelligencer, January 11th, 1862)


  1. Spread Eagle Inn...oh man would I love to have a bar named that. I had a good teary eyed laugh at that.

  2. I have read this 5 times can anybody breaks this down for me. This makes no sense