June 09, 2012

Shocking Incident at Haworth

Girl's Hair Caught in the Machinery. 
    A terrible accident happened early on Saturday morning at Messrs. Merrall and Sons' mill at Haworth.
    A girl, aged nineteen years, named Louie Rollinson, living in Ivy Bank Lane, had started work only a few minutes when she bent down, it is believed, for the purpose of picking up a bobbin from beneath the machine.
    Her hair, which hung in a plait down her back, became entangled in the machinery, with the result that the unfortunate girl was almost completely scalped.  Another woman, hearing Rollinson's screams, stopped the machine.
    Dr. Wilson, of Haworth, was called in, and after attending to her, ordered her immediate removal to the Keighley Victoria Hospital.  (Yorkshire Evening Post, January 19th, 1903)

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