August 11, 2012

Signalman's Fate

    Colleague Shuts His Eyes to Grim Spectacle.
    A verdict of "Accidental Death" was returned by the Leeds Coroner at an inquest today on George Arthur Appleton (46), railway signalman, of Nowell Parade, Harehills, who died at the Leeds Infirmary yesterday as the result of being knocked down by a train on the North-Eastern railway line just outside Leeds on the previous day.
    Richard Herbert, signalman, who relieved Appleton at the signal-box, said he saw him go towards Leeds station on the four-foot way.  He noticed that a train coming from Marsh Lane was almost on top of Appleton, and he shouted, "Look out, George!" but it was too late.  When he saw the engine would inevitably go over Appleton, he momentarily shut his eyes.  He looked again after the train had passed.  Appleton had been pushed about 15 feet by the engine.
    Witness said that at the time a train was passing from Leeds, and probably the noise of this train drowned that of the other.
    The driver of the engine said that he had no idea that he had run over a man until he arrived in Leeds station.  He then found a piece of brown jacket hanging to one of the exhaust pipes.  (Yorkshire Evening Post, November 22nd, 1922)

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