August 01, 2012

Only a Cyclist

    A Tale of Two Ladies and a Dog.
    A few days ago two gentlemen were cycling from Guildford to London and when proceeding down Effingham Hill at a fair pace they overtook a carriage and pair containing two ladies.  A small fox terrier belonging to the ladies was gambolling about in the road.  As the cyclists were passing the carriage the dog got in front of one of the machines, was run over, and the unfortunate cyclist was pitched with considerable violence into the road.
    The ladies got out of the carriage and ran to the assistance of the dog, which they fondled and made a great fuss of, and then they got into their carriage and drove away without so much as casting a glance at the ill-starred cyclist, who was lying in a ditch, bruised and bleeding and nearly unconscious, and whose bicycle was doubled up beside him.  (Yorkshire Evening Post, April 30th, 1901)

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