August 05, 2012

Bitten by a Snake

    Serious Condition of English Tourists.
    NEW YORK, Monday.—Mr. Edward Bosanquet, son of the well-known English banker, was bitten on Saturday by a rattlesnake while he was out shooting near Dayton, Florida.  The snake struck him on the inside of the leg above the ankle.  Mr. Evelyn Walker, who was with Mr. Bosanquet, immediately applied his mouth to the wound, and endeavoured to suck out the poison.  Then having tightly bandaged the wounded leg, Mr. Walker raised his friend upon his shoulder and carried him to Dayton.
    It is feared, however, that all these gallant exertions to save the life of Mr. Bosanquet have proved of no avail.  He is reported to be in a hopeless condition.  Mr. Walker himself is also seriously ill.  It seems that he had a slight sore on his lip, and absorbed some of the poison into his system.  On his arrival at Dayton, broken down with fatigue, he was seized with an attack which resembled partial paralysis.  Last evening, however, he was rather better, and it was believed he was out of danger.
    Mr. Bosanquet and Mr. Walker were spending the autumn and winter at St. Augustine, Mr. Walker having his family with him.  Mrs. Walker only sailed for England on Thursday.  (Yorkshire Evening Post, February 2nd, 1891)

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