August 06, 2012

Caught by the Reaping Machine

On Saturday evening, a girl aged three or four years, daughter of John Hay, cotman, Holms Farm, Dalrymple, strayed into a field of grain where reaping operations were going on.  Being unobserved by the driver, she was caught by the reaping machine, which completely cut off one of the poor child's feet, and lacerated the other.  She was taken to Ayr Hospital, where she is doing as well as can be expected.  (Leeds Times, September 22nd, 1877)


  1. ... and now she is a foot shorter.

  2. Oh, how cruel! I am so curious how her life has developed since the accident! How did she survive this ordeal mentally? Did she get married? Did she die shortly afterwards? So many questions unanswered!

  3. I like the last line. It's slightly sarcastic.