May 20, 2012

Suicide through a Bicycle Accident

Mr. William Beaney, of Sunderland, a coal agent, and secretary of a local labourers' union, committed suicide under painful circumstances on Saturday night.  On Thursday last he was run over by a bicycle, and sustained such injuries to his nose and face that he was afterwards heard to declare that he would not be seen in the street in such a condition.  His wife, who is caretaker of a local place of worship, found this message in pencil on a form in the chapel : "Don't go into the cellar alone."  On investigation deceased was found hanging dead in the cellar underneath the chapel.  (Yorkshire Evening Post, June 21st, 1897)

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  1. ...Victorian folk really would commit suicide for almost anything, wouldn't they? Presumably his week-old injuries would have healed at least enough for him to be seen in the street.