May 31, 2012

A Cure for Cancer

The Vienna correspondent of the Standard says :— An important communication was made to the Vienna Society of Physicians at its last sitting by Professor Von Mosetig, the chief physician of the Surgical Ward at the Wieden Hospital on the subject of the cure of cancer.  That gentleman has chiefly occupied himself for the past ten years with the study and cure of carcinomatous growths.  He had tried every remedy which had come into use during the last 25 years, and had finally made experiments with solutions of niethyl violet, also called pyoctanine, a new pigment manufactured at Darmstadt.  This he injects into different forms, so that neoplasma is, so to speak, impregnated with the pigment, and by the use of these tinctures carcinomatous formations, closed tumours as well as open, that hitherto could not be removed even with the knife, constantly shrivelled up and disappeared.  (Yorkshire Evening Post, February 2nd, 1891)

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