September 23, 2012

Choked by his False Teeth

At an inquest yesterday on the body of Mr. Edwin Clayton, who was suffocated at Endon, between Leek and Stoke, through swallowing his false teeth, a doctor said he found the top plate of Clayton's false teeth wedged behind the claque of his throat, which would cause him to attempt to vomit, but he would not be able to do so, the fluid would enter the lungs, and he would be suffocated.  A verdict of "Accidental Death" was returned.  (Yorkshire Evening Post, June 8th, 1904)


  1. The cosmetic dentist in Marietta who made my false teeth told me that I should not wear my false teeth when I am going to sleep even if my denture adhesive is strong. I feel sorry for Mr. Edwin Clayton because he died just because of false teeth.

  2. Isn't that just tragic? I imagine this happening to children - it's like their paranoia being true. This further emphasized the need for people to maintain good oral health. I think it's time now to call our dentist in longview tx.