July 15, 2012

Dogs Killed by Leeds Tramcars

    To the Editor of "The Yorkshire Evening Post."
    Sir,—I should like to call attention to the speed of electric cars on the various routes of Leeds, particularly the Woodhouse section.
    Personally, I do not think there is any necessity for the cars running at railway speed through streets that are at all times of the day crowded with people ; more so when parts of the street are not yet the required width on account of old property still standing.
    Last week no fewer that three dogs were turned into unrecognisable shapes—the work of these cars.—Yours truly,
    PUBLIC SAFETY.  Leeds.  (Yorkshire Evening Post, April 30th, 1901)


  1. How many dogs have to die before someone does something? I guess this answers that question, at least in part.

  2. I wonder if the problem was ever addressed?